Table 3.

Salmonella Enteritidis PT4 isolates

StrainGeographic origin/sourceYr of isolationPFGE subtypePlasmid profileAntimicrobial resistanceaAdditional information
IH 59741Finland, Leppävirta19934AaOutbreak strain, human isolate
IH 59742Finland, Leppävirta19934AaOutbreak strain, human isolate
IH 69444Finland, Kuopio19974AbHuman isolate
IH 68274Finland, Tampere19974AbHuman isolate
IH 69252Finland, Helsinki19974AbHuman isolate
IH 69266Finland, Tampere19974AbHuman isolate
IH 68336Finland, Uusi Kaarlepyy19974AdHuman isolate
IH 69445Finland, Juva19984AbHuman isolate
IH 69447Finland, Palokka19984AbHuman isolate
IH 68178Belgium/pork19934AbAnimal isolate, imported from Belgium
IH 59883Finland/cow19934AbAnimal isolate, feces
IH 68501Finland/cow19954AbAnimal isolate, feces
IH 68177Finland/cow19954AbAnimal isolate, feces
IH 68232England/chicken steak19964AgAnimal isolate, imported from England
IH 69455Finland/cow19974AgAnimal isolate, feces
IH 69261Finland/cow19974AgAnimal isolate, feces
IH 68651Finland/turkey19974AgAnimal isolate, feces
IH 69265Finland/turkey19974AgAnimal isolate, feces
IH 68502France, Belgium19934AbHuman isolateb
IH 68544Turkey19934AbHuman isolateb
IH 68503Hungary19934AbHuman isolateb
IH 68509Belgium19954AbHuman isolateb
IH 68506Lithuania19954AbHuman isolateb
IH 68505Cyprus19954AcSul, StrHuman isolateb
IH 68508Germany19954AdHuman isolateb
IH 69225Belgium19974AbHuman isolateb
IH 69228England19974AbHuman isolateb
IH 69245Germany19974AbHuman isolateb
IH 69279Hungary19974AeMecHuman isolateb
IH 69000Spain, Canary Islands19984AbHuman isolateb
IH 69453Thailand19984AbHuman isolateb
IH 68952Dominican Republic19984AbHuman isolateb
IH 69454Spain, Canary Islands19984AcSul, StrHuman isolateb
IH 68189Finland, Kotka19954BgOutbreak strain, human isolate
IH 68190Finland, Kotka19954BgOutbreak strain, human isolate
IH 69456Finland/cow19974BgAnimal isolate, feces
IH 68507Spain19954BgHuman isolateb
IH 68545Italy19934CbHuman isolateb
IH 68504Turkey19954DbHuman isolateb
IH 67650Finland, Rauma19954EbOutbreak strain, human isolate
IH 67651Finland, Rauma19954EbOutbreak strain, human isolate
IH 69446Finland, Mikkeli19984FcSul, TetHuman isolate
IH 68656France/turkey19974GfAnimal isolate, imported from France
  • a The strain is sensitive to ampicillin (Amp), chloramphenicol (Chl), ceftriaxone (Cef), imipenem (Imi), mecillinam (Mec), nalidixic acid (Nal), neomycin (Neo), sulfonamide (Sul), tetracycline (Tet), trimethoprim (Tmp), streptomycin (Str), and ciprofloxacin (Cip) unless resistance is otherwise shown.

  • b The strain was from a Finnish tourist who had visited the country listed before the salmonella finding.