Table 1.

Clinical data and use of yeast by the 90 patients enrolled as cases and controls in this study

ParameterCases (n = 30)Controls (n = 60)OR (95% CI)P value
Median age (yr)
Pregnancy22302.75 (1.0–7.1)0.028
Estroprogestinic therapy10NCa 0.61
Previous bacterial infections of urinary tract1485.7 (2.0–16.0)0.001
Symptoms (vulvar pruritus, irritation, discharge)16291.22 (0.46–3.23)0.65
Use of yeast
 Domestic, >3 times/wk283266 (35.2–2,744.4)0.0001
 Consumption for health benefit20NC0.21
  • a NC, not calculable.