Table 1.

Sources of bacterial strainsa

Clinical isolatesReference strainsb
VH20A. denticolensAbdominal abscessVH45A. israeliiATCC 12102
VH29A. georgiaeCerebral abscessVH34A. israeliiNCTC 10236
VH24A. georgiaeIUCDVH28A. gerencseriaeATCC 23860
VH48A. gerencseriaeFacial abscessVH14A. naeslundiiserotype INCTC 10301
VH16A. gerencseriaeEyelid punctaVH55A. naeslundiiserotype IIATCC 44339
VH4A. gerencseriaeJaw abscessVH56A. naeslundii serotype IIIATCC 44340
VH32A. gerencseriaeVertebral abscessVH36A. viscosus serotype INCTC 10951
VH15A. israeliiPleural pusVH54A. viscosus serotype IIATCC 27044
VH5A. israeliiIUCDVH6A. odontolyticusNCTC 09935
VH1A. israeliiMandibular sinusVH10A. meyeriATCC 35568
VH38Most like A. israeliiPerinephric abscessVH11A. georgiaeATCC 49285
VH21A. israeliiIUCDVH47A. denticolensNCTC 11490
VH44A. meyeriIUCDVH43A. slackiiNCTC 11923
VH35A. meyeriIUCDVH25A. bovisNCTC 11535
VH22A. meyeriGroin abscessVH7Actinomyces hordeovulnerisATCC 35275
VH41A. meyeriPeritoneal pusVH30A. howelliiNCTC 11636
VH12A. meyeriPleural effusionVH51A. graevenitziiCCUG 27294
VH8A. naeslundiiGingival swabVH52A. europaeusCCUG 32789A
VH26Most like A. naeslundiiBlood cultureVH57A. neuii subsp. neuiiDSM 8576
VH42Most like A. naeslundiiParotid ductVH58A. neuii subsp. anitratusDSM 8577
VH2A. naeslundiiIUCDVH60A. turicensisDSM 9168
VH39A. naeslundiiIUCDVH61A. radingaeDSM 9169
VH27Most like A. odontolyticusJaw pusVH53A. schaaliiCCUG 27420
VH50Most like A. odontolyticusLiver abscessVH63A. suisDSM 20639
VH13A. odontolyticusOral bone plateVH19A. pyogenesNCTC 05224
VH40A. odontolyticusBlood cultureVH59A. bernardiaeDSM 9152
VH33Most like A. odontolyticusIUCDVH62A. phocaeDSM 10002
VH37Most like A. pyogenesCow jaw
VH18A. viscosusSubmandibular abscess
VH3Most like A. viscosusGroin
VH49Most like A. viscosusIUCD
VH46Most like A. viscosusFractured mandible
VH23Most like A. viscosusIUCD
VH17Most like A. viscosusLacrimal fluid
VH9ActinomycesspeciesDental abscess
  • a Abbreviations: IUCD, intrauterine contraceptive device; ATCC, American Type Culture Collection, Rockville, Md.; NCTC, National Collection of Type Cultures, London, United Kingdom; CCUG, Culture Collection, University of Goteborg, Goteborg, Sweden; DSM, Deutsche Sammlung von Mikroorganismen, Braunschweig, Germany.

  • b Reference strains other than A. israelii NCTC 10236 represent type strains for species or subspecies.