Table 4.

Semiquantitative growth of 59 bacterial strains on the SSI enteric medium compared to growth on 5% blood agara

Bacterial typeNo. of strains whose growth rate on SSI enteric medium wasb:
The same as that on 5% blood agarLower than that on 5% blood agarNot observed (no growth)
Salmonella spp.9
Shigella spp.5
Vibrio spp.23
Yersinia spp.4
Citrobacter spp.2
Escherichia coli 6
Klebsiella spp.2
Proteus spp.4
Enterobacter spp.2
Serratia spp.3
Other gram-negative rodsc 51
Gram-positive bacteriad 11e
  • a The original (100) and 10-fold dilutions of 10−1 to 10−7 were plated.

  • b Relative growth rates were calculated as follows: (CFU per milliliter on SSI enteric medium/CFU per milliliter on 5% blood agar) × 100. Growth rates were deemed the same if growth on SSI enteric medium was 10 to 120% of that on blood agar and were deemed lower if growth on SSI enteric medium was ≤0.1 to <10% of that on 5% blood agar.

  • c Other gram-negative rods includeAeromonas spp. (n = 3),Acinetobacter spp. (n = 1),Pseudomonas (n = 1), andXanthomonas spp. (n = 1).

  • d Gram-positive bacteria includeStaphylococcus spp. (n = 4),Enterococcus spp. (n = 2), andStreptococcus spp. (n = 5).

  • e Four strains grew undiluted (∼108 CFU/ml).