Table 2.

Toxin production by S. aureus isolates from patients with TSS or SSF that do not produce TSST-1, SEA to SEE, SEH, ETA, or ETB

CaseBacterial characteristicsPatient characteristics
S. aureus strainS. aureus-positive sample(s)CD69 expression on CD3+ T cellsa(%)Toxins detectedbSerotypePhage typing patternAge (yr)/sexClinical manifestation(s)Outcome
1A850375Blood4.4 ± 1.6SEG, SEIh2/m/1Untypeable77/MArteriovenous shunt abscess, TSSDead
2A860376Abscess3.2 ± 0.6SEG, SEIc1/o/1Group V: 94/9617/MThigh abscess, TSSAlive
3A890326Vagina, placenta, and newborn blood6.1 ± 0.3SEG, SEIc1/i1i2/oGroup III: 8427/FPuerperal SSFMother alive, newborn dead
4A900322Tampon, vagina7.4 ± 2.9SEG, SEIc1/oGroup I/III: 29/52/52A/79/80/47/53/54/83A/84/8518/FMenstrual TSSAlive
5A900422Pharynx5.2 ± 2.0SEG, SEIe/h2/o/262-3)Untypeable19/FPharyngitis, SSFAlive
6A910472Blood, bronchoalveolar lavage, cerebrospinal fluid5.9 ± 0.9SEG, SEIc1/oGroup III: 53/54/83A/8523/MBacteriemia, pneumonia, meningitis, and TSS in an intravenous-drug userAlive
7A930316Urine3.1 ± 0.8SEG, SEIc1/lUntypeable15/MPostendoscopy urinary tract infection, TSSAlive
8A950260Pus2.9 ± 1.1SEG, SEIc1Group III/D: 53/77/83A/84/85/879/FInfection of finger pulp, TSSAlive
9A980044Sinus, blood8.6 ± 2.6SEG, SEINDcND39/FSinusitis, TSSAlive
10A980114Wound8.8 ± 0.5SEG, SEINDND35/MPostoperative spondylitis, TSSAlive
11A980483Pharynx2.7 ± 0.7SEG, SEINDND2/FPharyngitidis, SSFAlive
12A990055Tampon, vagina, blood5.3 ± 1.2SEG, SEINDND44/FMenstrual TSSDead
  • a The percentage of CD69-positive cells was determined after electronic gating of the CD3+population. All experiments used separate blood samples from one donor. Results are shown as means ± standard deviations.

  • b All toxins were detected by PCR assay of the corresponding genes.

  • c ND, not done.