Table 1.

Detection of antiamebic antibody, amebic antigen, andEntamoeba DNA by ELISA and PCR from sera and aspirates of patients with amebic liver abscesses

DiagnosisNo. of patientsNo. (%) of positive results by:
ELISA for:PCR for:
Antiamebic antibody in seraAmebic antigen in pusGene coding for 30-kDa protein of:rRNA of:
E. histolytica (100 bp)E. dispar (101 bp)E. histolytica (870 bp)E. dispar (870 bp)
Amebic liver abscess4242 (100)41 (97.6)42 (100)014 (33.3)0
Bacterial liver abscess3000000
Liver cancer1000000
Other types of abscess10000000