Table 1.

Agreement between QIFN and Mantoux tests

Group no.Group membersNo.Mantoux test resultQIFN test result (no.)Agreement (%)Kappa statistica
IImmigrants237Negative (<10 mm)13516890.55
Positive (≥10 mm)315564
IIHCWs127Negative (<10 mm)6415810.48
Positive (≥10 mm)163267
Negative (<15 mm)7332700.26
Positive (≥15 mmb)71568
IIIPatients51Negative (<10 or <15 mmc)133810.65
Positive (≥10 or ≥15 mmc)53086
  • a A kappa statistic of ≥0.75 represents excellent agreement, 0.40 to 0.75 represents good to fair agreement, and <0.40 represents poor agreement.

  • b The CDC criterion of ≥15-mm-diameter induration was taken as a positive Mantoux result because no HCW was from a high-risk or high-prevalence population (2).

  • c Interpretive criteria varied depending on whether the patient was from a group with a high prevalence of tuberculosis (2).