Table 1.

E. coli strains used as controls in this studya

StrainSerotypeDARelevant genetic markersFermentation of sorbitolReference
EDL933O157:H7HC stx 1,stx 2,eae 26
702/88O157:H HUS stx 2,eae + 1
1533/97O157:H HUS stx 2,eae +SC
3817/96O157:H HUS stx 1,stx 2c 7
E32511 O157:H HUS stx 2,stx 2c,eae 35
693/91O157:H19WD stx ,eae + 3
241/88O157:H43WD stx ,eae + 1
1083/87O157:H45WD stx ;eae,bEAF+ + 31
904/90O157:H45WD stx ;eae,bEAF + 1
  • a Abbreviations: SC, strain collection (isolation during routine diagnostic work in 1997); HC, hemorrhagic colitis; DA, disease association; WD, watery diarrhea;stx and eae , negative for stx and eae, respectively; EAF+, positive for EAF plasmid; EAF, negative for EAF plasmid.

  • b Enteropathogenic E. coli eae.