Table 2.

Characteristics of stx-negative E. coli O157 isolatesa

Strain designationSerotypeDA or originAge (yr)bPresence of free fecal VerotoxinFermentation of sorbitolGrowth on CT-SMACPresence of the following:Anti-O157 LPS immunoblotting result
E-hlyc etpkatPespP
2937O157:H WD3+++ND
6790O157:H HUS6++++
431O157:H WD3+++ND
659O157:H WD3+++ND
2576O157:H HUSd 1+++++
  • a Abbreviations: DA, disease association; WD, watery diarrhea; ND, not determined.

  • b Age of patients.

  • c All isolates were also enterohemolytic on blood agar plates.

  • d STEC O103:H2 was found to be coisolate.