Table 2.

Properties of ET-37 meningococci isolated during the outbreak

Isolate descriptionSerological characterizationSTporAVR1,VR2aporBallelebtpbB allele
ET-37 complex isolate from United Kingdom (1993)C:2a:P1.5115a,10d2-22
Strain 1
 Case 1C:2a:NT115,2c2-362
 Carrier 1 (case 1 contact)C:2a:NT115,2c2-362
Strain 2 (outbreak strain)
 Case 3C:NT:P1.5505a,10d2-372
 Case 6C:NT:P1.5505a,10d2-372
 Remote case 1C:NT:P1.5505a,10d2-372
 Remote case 2C:NT:P1.5505a,10d2-372
Strain 3, carrier 2C:NT:P1.5,2115,22-391
Strain 4, carrier 3C:2a:NT52NAd2-21
Strain 5
 carrier 4C:2a:P1.155119d,152-381
 carrier 5C:2a:P1.155119d,152-381
  • a PorA variants are as defined previously (21, 22).

  • b PorB variants are as defined by Urwin (23).

  • c The porA gene in these isolates contained an IS1301 element within their coding regions (1).

  • d NA, a porA gene was not amplified with the primers used in this study, and the gene may have been absent from this isolate.