Cumulative processing times by use of ORSA, MRSA_ID, C_MRSA, and TSB plates and reporting of a confirmed MRSA: comparison of different strategiesa

StrategyNo. (%) of strains detected at:
24 h48 h72 h>96 h
ORSA + conventional_Pastorex17 (73.9)23 (100)
MRSA_ID + direct_Pastorex + Gram staining16 (69.6)21 (91.3)23 (100)
C_MRSA + direct_Pastorex + Gram staining14 (63.6)20 (90.9)22 (100)
TSB ORSA + conventional_Pastorex21 (95.5)22 (100)
  • a The earliest time point at which the result of any confirmatory test that confirmed the presence of an MRSA strain was known was used to calculate the processing time. The number of strains detected as well as the cumulative percentage is given for four different time points (24 h, 48 h, 72 h, and >96 h).