Bacterial strains used in the present study

StrainCharacteristic(s) or susceptibility patternNo. of isolatesStrainCharacteristic(s) or susceptibility patternNo. of isolates
M. tuberculosisClinical strains isolated in Japan105M. kansasii JCM 6379ND1
    IMCJRifr Inhr Embr Pzar Strr Ofxr3    (ATCC 124878)
Rifr Inhr Embr Pzar Strr3
Rifr Inhr Pzar Strr3M. marinum GTC 616ND1
Rifr Inhr Embr Strr4    (ATCC 927)
Rifr Inhr Embr Pzar2
Inhr Embr Strr2M. nonchromogenicum JCMND1
Rifr Inhr2    6364 (ATCC 19530)
Inhr Strr4
Pzar Strr1M. phlei RIMD 1326001ND1
Rifr Strr2    (ATCC19249)
Inhr5M. scrofulaceum JCM 6381ND1
Pzar2    (ATCC 19981)
Susceptible to all drugs tested64M. simiae GTC 620ND1
    (ATCC 25275)
M. tuberculosis PClinical strains isolated in Poland33
Rifr Inhr Embr Pzar1M. smegmatis ATCC 19420ND1
Rifr Inhr Embr2
Rifr Inhr Pzar1M. szulgai JCM 6383ND1
Rifr Inhr2    (ATCC 35799)
Inhr Strr1M. terrae GTC 623ND1
Rifr1    (ATCC 15755)
Embr1Escherichia coli ATCC 8739ND1
Strr1Haemophilis influenzae IIDf
Susceptible to all drugs tested19    984 (ATCC 9334)ND1
M. tuberculosis H37RvSusceptible to all drugs tested1Klebsiella pneumoniaeND1
    (ATCCa 27294)    IID5209 (ATCC 15380)
M. tuberculosis H37RaSusceptible to all drugs tested1Legionella pneumophilaND1
    (ATCC 25177)    GTC 745
M. avium ATCC 25291NDg1Mycoplasma pneumoniaeND1
    IID 817
M. bovis BCGbPzar1
    (Japanese strain 172)Pseudomonas aeruginosaND1
    ATCC 27853
M. chelonae JCMc 6390ND1
    (ATCC 14472)Rhodococcus equi ATCCND1
M. fortuitum RIMDdND1
    1317004 (ATCC 6841)Staphylococcus aureus N315ND1
M. gastri GTCe 610ND1Streptococcus pneumoniaeND1
    (ATCC 15754)    GTC 261
M. intracellulare JCM 6384ND1
    (ATCC 13950)
  • a American Type Culture Collection, Rockville, MD.

  • b Japan BCG Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan.

  • c Japan Collection of Microorganisms, Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), Saitama, Japan.

  • d Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan.

  • e Gifu Type Culture Collection, Department of Microbiology-Bioinformatics, Regeneration and Advanced Medical Science, Gifu University, Graduate School of Medicine, Bacterial Genetic Resources, Gifu, Japan.

  • f Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.

  • g ND, not determined.