Primer concentrations in seven multiplex PCRa

ReactionPrimersPrimer concn (μM)
119A-f, 19A-r1
3-f, 3-r1.5
22F-f, 22-r1.5
6A/B-f (biotin), 6A/B-r0.5
24-f, 4-r1.5
14-f, 14-r1.0
12F-f, 12F-r1.5
9V-f, 9V-r1.5
323F-f, 23F-r1.5
7F-f, 7F-r2.0
11A-f, 11A-r1.0
33F-f, 33F-r1.0
419F-f, 19F-r1.5
16F-f, 16F-r2.0
sg18-f, sg18-r1.25
35B-f, 35B-r1.0
58-f, 8-r1.5
15B/C-f, 15B/C-r1.5
38-f, 38-r1.5
31-f, 31-r2.0
61-f, 1-r1.5
10A-f, 10-r1.5
35F-f, 35F-r1.5
34-f, 34-r1.5
720-f, 20-r1.5
7C-f, 7C-r1.5
17F-f, 17F-r1.5
15A-f, 15A-r1.5
  • a The universal capsular primers cpsA-f and cpsA-r were included in all reactions at 0.5 μM each.