Evaluation of RPM v.1 for adenovirus, influenza A virus, and negative-control detection in clinical samples

Result by RPM v.1No. of samples of the following virus with the indicated test result (no. for retested subset):
AdenovirusInfluenza A virus
PCRa positivePCRa negativeCulture positiveCulture negative
Positive322b39 (22)2 (1)
Negative1666 (3)c54 (14)
Sensitivity (%)9787
Specificity (%)9796
Overall agreement (%)9792
  • a CAP-approved PCR.

  • b One of the samples testing negative by CAP-approved PCR was cultured for influenza A virus, and RPM v.1 showed HAdV-4 and influenza A coinfection. The other negative sample was confirmed to have low-titer HAdV-4.

  • c Three samples that were culture positive for influenza A virus could not be detected by quantitative real-time PCR as well, suggesting that the templates were degraded.