Studies of six strains for 6A serotype by Neufeld's test multibead assay and PCR

StrainSerotype or allele identified by:
Neufeld's test with rabbit antiseraPCR for wciP alleleaMultibead assay:
Hyp6AM3Hyp6AG1Rabbit antisera
BZ176A9 (1)NT6A6A
BZ396A9 (1)NT6A6A
BZ866A9 (1)NT6A6A
BZ6506A9 (1)NT6A6A
BZ652NT (6A)b2 (5)6A6A6A
BZ10486ANot doneNT6A6A
  • a The number in parentheses indicates the number of base pairs different from the proband sequence (17). BZ652 has five base pair differences that produce three amino acid differences. All these alleles express serine at amino acid residue 195. BZ1048 was not analyzed because its PCR did not work.

  • b BZ652 was initially typed as NT but was typed as weakly 6A upon reexamination.