Studies of two strains for the 11A serotype by Neufeld's test, multibead assay, PCR, and dot blot assay

StrainResult for:a
Neufeld's test with rabbit antiseraaMultibead assay:PCRDot blot assay with rabbit antiseraa
Rabbit antiseraaHyp11AM1Hyp11AM2
Control strain 11ANot tested++++Not tested
Control strain 11BNot testedNot tested
Control strain 11CNot testedNot tested
Control strain 11DNot tested++++Not tested
Control strain 11FNot tested++++Not tested
  • a All the rabbit sera were from Statens Serum Institut (Denmark). +, tested positive for 11A; −, tested negative for 11A.

  • b In Neufeld's test, BZ705 did not react with pooled serum T (24) and factor serum 11f, but it did react strongly with factor serum 11c and ambiguously with factor serum 11b.