NoV GII strains detected in Sydney between 1997 and 2004

Genotype, straina% Sporadic casesYr sporadic cases detected% Of outbreaksYr outbreaks occurred
GII.1, Hawaii-like04.82000-2003
GII.3, Sydney 2212 cluster9.419984.81998
GII.3, C14 cluster21.92001-20042.42002
GII.4, Hunter cluster15.6200442.92004
GII.4, US95/96 cluster15.61997-200223.8b1997-2002
GII.4, Farmington Hills cluster12.52001-200416.6c2001-2004
GII.6, Seacroft-like15.61997-20022.42003
GII.7, Leeds-like6.32001-20020
GII.10, Erfurt-like3.120010
  • a Genotype classification defined by Vinje et al. (50).

  • b US95/96 subset also includes results previously published by White et al. (52).

  • c Farmington Hills-like cluster includes results reported by Duckworth (7).