ITS sequences of 15 yeast species submitted to GenBank

SpeciesStrain no.aGenBank accession no.
Arthroascus schoenii BCRC 22503T AY936497 AY936498
Candida boidinii BCRC 20464T AY936499 AY936500
Candida cantarellii CBS 5383 AY936505 AY936506
Candida ciferrii BCRC 22168T AY936511 AY936512
Candida globosa CBS 162T AY936513 AY936514
Candida inconspicua BCRC 21658T AY936515 AY936516
Candida kruisii BCRC 21573T AY936517 AY936518
Candida maltosa BCRC 21614T AY936521 AY936522
Candida melibiosica CBS 5814T AY936523 AY936524
Candida norvegica BCRC 21616T AY936525 AY936526
Candida santamariae BCRC 21617T DQ066653 DQ066654
Candida silvicola CBS 4140T AY936529 AY936530
Candida steatolytica BCRC 21746T AY936531 AY936532
Candida utilis BCRC 20928T AY936535 AY936536
Kloeckera japonica CBS 2590 AY936537 AY936538
  • a T, type strain.