Amphotericin B susceptibilities of the 205 Candida sp. isolates used in this study

Species (no. of isolates) and method% of isolates (48 h) with MIC (mg/liter) of:24 h48 hEAa (%)
≤1>1MIC rangeMIC50MIC90MIC rangeMIC50MIC90
C. albicans (84)
C. parapsilosis (22)
C. tropicalis (17)
Other Candida spp. (5)b
C. glabrata (56)
C. inconspicua (5), C. norvegensis (2)
C. krusei (14)
  • a EA between VK2 and the two other methods at 48 h.

  • b C. lusitaniae (n = 2), C. guilliermondii (n = 1), C. kefyr (n = 1), and C. dubliniensis (n = 1).

  • c MICs are in micrograms per milliliter.