Amino acid changes in gyrA, gyrB, parC, and parE genes in 284 clinical isolates of P. aeruginosa

No. of strains (n = 284)MIC (μg/ml) of:Replacement in QRDRsj
GyrA at position:ParC at position:GyrB at position:ParE at position:
CIPOFX83Thr (ACC)87Asp (GAC)87Ser (TCG)91Glu (GAG)Other468Glu (GAG)Other425Ala (GCG)459Glu (GAG)Other
MDR P. aeruginosa
    1>128>128Ile (ATC)aLeu (TTG)83Pro→LeubAsp (GAT)Asp (GAT)
    25128->128>128Ile (ATC)Leu (TTG)Asp (GAT)Asp (GAT)
    1128>128Ile (ATC)Leu (TTG)Asp (GAT)427Gln→Leug
    3732-128128->128Ile (ATC)Leu (TTG)Asp (GAT)
    1>128>128Ile (ATC)Asn (AAC)Leu (TTG)Lys (AAG)
    11632Ile (ATC)Leu (TTG)85Gly→Aspc
    14716->12832->128Ile (ATC)Leu (TTG)
    13264Ile (ATC)457Ser→Algh
Non-MDR P. aeruginosa
    564->128>128Ile (ATC)Leu (TTG)Asp (GAT)
    432-12864->128Ile (ATC)Asn (AAC)Leu (TTG)
    1128>128Ile (ATC)Asn (AAC)Leu (TTG)Lys (AAG)
    1>128>128Ile (ATC)Asn (AAC)Lys (AAG)
    164>128Ile (ATC)Asn (AAC)Leu (TTG)Asp (GAT)
    164128Ile (ATC)Gly (GGC)Leu (TTG)88Ala→Prod
    1332-6464->128Ile (ATC)Leu (TTG)
    216-3232-128Ile (ATC)Leu (TTG)Val (GTG)
    116128Ile (ATC)Leu (TTG)458Ala→Thre
    116128Ile (ATC)Lys (AAG)
    116128Ile (ATC)Val (GTG)
    18128Ile (ATC)458Ala→Thr419Asp→Asni
    1216Leu (TTG)458Ala→Thr
    1464Asp (GAT)
    50.5-48-16Ile (ATC)
    21-22-8Tyr (TAC)
    20<0.25-16<0.25-64Asn (AAC)
  • a —, no amino acid change.

  • b 83Pro→Leu, Pro at position 83 of ParC changed to Leu (CCG→CTG).

  • c 85Gly→Asp, Gly at position 85 of parC changed to Asp (GGC→GAC).

  • d 88Ala→Pro, Ala at position 88 of ParC changed to Pro (GCC→CCC).

  • e 458Ala→Thr, Ala at position 453 of GyrB changed to Thr (GCG→ACG).

  • f 496Ile→Val, Ile at position 496 of GyrB changed to Val (ATG→GTC).

  • g 427Gln→Leu, Gln at position 427 of ParE changed to Leu (CAG→CTG).

  • h 457Ser→Arg, Ser at position 457 of ParE changed to Arg (AGC→AGG).

  • i 419Asp→Asn, Asp at position 419 of ParE changed to Asn (GAC→AAC).

  • j Mutated nucleotides are underlined.