Percent reactivity (positive) of gene-specific probes to reference and clinical isolates of E. coli pathotypesa

Geneb% Reactivityc
K12EHEC: EDL*EHEC: C2856EHEC: C2858EHEC: 2860ETEC: C2836ETEC: C2842ETEC: C2838UPEC: CFT073*UPEC: J96UPEC: C2824UPEC: C2828UPEC: C2832EIEC: C2822EIEC: C2834EPEC: E2348*EPEC: C2816EPEC: C2814EAEC: O42*EAEC: C2852EAEC: C2854
K-12 specific (40)1007.5187.51045434040404038134025333538334033
EDL933 specific (60)01009777981512128.38.31315122225434332121317
CFT073 specific (61)4.916211318463920100909897893313252631341859
CFT073 virulence (36)31212129.139301210081868670129.
E2348/68 virulence (17)0000000000000001008288000
EAEC virulence (11)
EIEC virulence (13)
ETEC virulence (18)00000111128000005.60000005.6
EHEC-EPEC virulence (23)074705265000000004.48.710096100004.4
Common (48)961001001001001001001001001001009810098100100100100100100100
EDL933 virulence (15)01001001001006.76.76.7000000206.76.76.7000
  • a The sources and categories of the strains are indicated in Table 1. Gene probes that show no signals for other UPEC virulence (n = 15), MNEC virulence (n = 4), and Salmonella core (n = 81) gene probes to reference strains are not included in this table. The overall positive criterion for the identification of E. coli pathotypes except ETEC and EAEC is 70 to 100% reactivity. ETEC and EAEC virulence genes are heterogeneous, and the representative strains for these categories have not been sequenced. The description of gene is represented in the supplemental material (Appendixes S1 and S2).

  • b The number of genes is indicated in parentheses.

  • c Asterisks indicate the reference strain of each pathotype.