Summary of pertinent medical records and sample collection

Patient no.Reason for amniocentesisaHospital diagnosis of AFbGestation time (wk) at:Samples obtainedc
CultureGram stainGlucose (mg/dl)WBC (ml)AmniocentesisDelivery
1PTL37133435A, B, P, V
2PTL2473232A, B, P, V
3PTL56162225A, B, V
4PTL19153236A, B, P, V
5PTL17362125A, B, P, V
6PTL5452836A, B, P, V
7PTL50NAd3335A, B, V
8PTL3231833A, B, V
10PTLNANA3234A, B, V
14PTL<33,3042424A, B, P, V
15PTL49133232A, B, P, V
16PTL65133233A, B, P, V
20PTL21182033A, B, V
22PTLNA233NAeA, B, V
24PTL34402127A, B, V
28PTLNA23138A, B, V
31PTL2152223A, B, P, V
32PTL29123333A, B, V
33PTL37102438A, B, V
9LungNANANANA3636A, B, V
11LungNANANANA3435A, B, V
18LungNANANANA3637A, B
21LungNANANANA3638A, B, P, V
23LungNANANANA3637A, B, P, V
25LungNANANANA3637A, B, P, V
26LungNANANANA3638A, B, V
27LungNANANANA3535A, B, V
29Lung4643435A, B, V
34LungNANANANA3535A, B, V
35LungNANANANA3636A, B, V
12Genet.NANANANA2140A, B, V
13Genet.NANANANA17NAeA, B, V
17Genet.NANANANA2540A, B, V
30Genet.NANANANA2425A, B, P, V
  • a The reasons for amniocentesis include preterm labor or threatening preterm labor, including cervical incompetence (PTL); checking for fetal lung maturity (Lung); and fetal genetic diagnosis (Genet.).

  • b Tests of the AF were performed at the hospital laboratory. The results were obtained from the patients' medical records.

  • c A, AF; B, blood; P, subgingival plaque; V, vaginal swab.

  • d NA, not available.

  • e The patient did not deliver at MHMC.