Strains used in this study and comparison of LAMP and PCR specificitya

StrainResult byb:
B. pertussis
B. parapertussis
    ATCC 15237
    ATCC 15311
B. hinzii
    ATCC 51730
B. holmesii
    ATCC 51541+
B. avium
    ATCC 35086
B. bronchiseptica
  • a For PCR detections, 1 ng of DNA was tested. For LAMP assay, 10 fg DNAs of B. pertussis strains and 1 ng DNAs of other Bordetella species were tested.

  • b +, LAMP or PCR amplification; −, no LAMP or PCR amplification.

  • c Turbidity assay with a 60-min reaction.

  • d Isolated from Japanese patients in the period 2004 to 2005.

  • e Isolated from a Japanese patient in 2002.

  • f Isolated from a rabbit in 1995.