Clinical data for pythiosis patient sera used in this study

PatientInfected tissueDuration of symptomsTreatmentClinical outcome
S1Artery5 moBlood clot retraction, vaccinationDisease progressed
S2Artery3 wkVaccinationInitial improvement, relapse
S3Artery1 moBKa amputationCured
S4Artery3 moAKb amputation, vaccinationDead
S5Cutaneous4 daysDebridementLost in follow-up
S6Artery5 moAK amputationBeing followed up
S7Artery1 moAK amputation, vaccinationDead
S8Artery3 moAK amputationCured
S9Artery2 wkAK amputationCured
S10Artery7 wkAK amputationCured
S11Artery2 moBK amputation, vaccinationCured
S12Artery10 daysBK amputation, vaccinationCured
  • a BK, below the knee.

  • b AK, above the knee.