Association between organism load in matched specimens and clinical signs or symptoms in men or women infected with C. trachomatis

Symptom or clinical signOrganism load (no. of EBs/100 μl)Associationb (P value)Correlationc (r)
Symptom or sign absentSymptom or sign present
Male FVU samples
    ≥1 clinical sign642.51,6581,39418.7103,9850.0074
    ≥1 symptom2403.516,5411,77227.8113,0060.0012
    Nonspecific urethritis1132.64,9782,14347.896,028<0.0001
Male urethral swabs
    ≥1 clinical sign80.03,5869539.595,4160.0012
    ≥1 symptom430.27201,33920.288,823<0.0001
    Nonspecific urethritis880.238,4071,30018.591,4180.0133
Female FVU samples
    ≥2 symptoms or ≥ 1 signd270.23,2051140.525,0840.0174
    Nonspecific cervicitise210.15,105991.09,5740.0095
Female urethral swabs
    ≥2 symptoms or ≥ 1 sign1060.427,6101880.940,3010.3577
    Nonspecific cervicitis690.31,1302621.449,1780.0295
    ≥2 symptoms or ≥ 1 sign1,4954.8466,4013,6058.61,508,7620.1878
    Nonspecific cervicitis2500.971,9982,0183.51,155,9120.0036
Endocervical swabs
    ≥2 symptoms or ≥1 sign3140.5187,1381,8265.6592,4370.0157
    Nonspecific cervicitis5453.388,9658,866392,021,196<0.0001
  • a πL and πU, lower and upper limits, respectively, of the 95% CI for the mean organism load, rounded to the nearest decimal point, in the 58 infected male patients with both sample types and 73 infected female patients with all four sample types.

  • b Association between organism load in matched specimens and clinical signs or symptoms was evaluated by two-sample t tests with natural log transformation. P values that are statistically significant (P ≤ 0.05) are shown in bold type.

  • c Correlation of organism load with PMNLs/HPF was assessed with Pearson's correlation coefficient (r).

  • d Women reporting two or more specific symptoms (vaginal discharge, irregular bleeding, or pelvic or abdominal pain) or manifesting one or more specific clinical signs (mucopurulent cervical discharge, cervical motion tenderness, or pelvic or adnexal tenderness).

  • e The diagnosis of nonspecific cervicitis was based on the presence of a mucopurulent cervical discharge or >40 PMNLs/HPF on the endocervical smear (or both).