Mycobacterium strains used in this study

GroupOrganismaATCC no.Isolation source
MACM. avium subsp. aviumT25291Diseased hen's liver
M. avium subsp. avium35717Human sputum
M. avium subsp. avium35718Human cervical lymph node
M. avium subsp. paratuberculosis43544Human intestinal tissue
M. avium subsp. paratuberculosis43545Human intestinal tissue
M. avium subsp. silvaticumT49884Wood pigeon's liver and spleen
M. intracellulareT13950NAb
M. intracellulare700662Human sputum
M. intracellulare700664Derived from ATCC 700662
MTCM. africanumT25420Sputum
M. microtiT19422NA
M. microti11152Vole
M. microti35781Field vole
M. microti35782Field vole
M. tuberculosis25177NA
RGMM. abscessusT19977NA
M. abscessus23016Human
M. abscessus700869Joint aspiration
M. chelonaeT35752Tortoise
M. chelonae14472Sputum
M. chelonae35751Eye infection
M. fortuitum subsp. acetamidolyticumT35931Human sputum
M. fortuitum subsp. acetamidolyticum43266Sputum
M. fortuitum subsp. fortuitumT6841Cold abscess
M. fortuitum subsp. fortuitum49403Facial abscess
M. fortuitum subsp. fortuitum49935Leg wound
M. mucogenicumT49650Infected thyroglossal duct cyst
M. mucogenicum49649Peritoneal fluid
M. mucogenicum49651Postinjection site abscess
Slow growingM. doricumTBAA-565Cerebrospinal fluid
M. kansasiiT12478From a fatal case
M. kansasii25100NA
M. kansasii25101NA
M. kansasii25414NA
M. marinumT927Fish
M. marinum11566Swimming pool
M. tusciaeTBAA-564Lymph node
  • ↵a A superscript “T” signifies a type strain of the species.

  • ↵b NA, not available.