Results of initial tests of two non-B. anthracis Bacillus species and two control B. anthracis strainsa

StrainSpeciesResultb by:γ phage susceptibilityHemolysisMotility
pX01pX02ChromosomeBa813CapsuleCell wall
63 B. anthracis + + + + + + NHc
118 B. circulans + + + + d NHe
119 Bacillus sp.f + + + NH
131 B. anthracis + + + + + + NH
  • a PCR assays, DFA, and gamma phage testing were performed by FDOH following LRN protocols (31), while Ba813 testing was performed by following a method previously published (17). All of the LRN tests were repeated by the Center for Biological Defense immediately after receiving these isolates from FDOH personnel.

  • b −, negative result; +, positive result.

  • c NH, nonhemolytic on media with 5% sheep blood cells.

  • d CBD 118 was positive for capsule DFA at initial testing; subsequent testing after cryostocking resulted in negative DFA tests. CBD protocols allow minimum subculturing (one to four subcultures) per cryostock vial.

  • e CBD 118 appeared to be nonmotile at first examination, but later testing revealed that the cells were motile.

  • f CBD 119 was identified as closely resembling B. luciferensis.