Nonsecretors (se428se428) have inherited resistance to symptomatic norovirus (GGII.4) infections in Denmarka

Outbreak no. (location or circumstance)No. of saliva samples investigatedNo. of symptomatic patientsNo. of asymptomatic and/or unexposed patients
1 (geriatric ward)20114709324
2 (within family)443100000
3 (orthopedic surgery)1383505212
4 (ward of internal medicine)1132108422
5 (ward of internal medicine)13321010451
Total (%)6129 (48)14 (48)15 (52)0 (0)32 (52)13 (41)10 (31)9 (28)
  • a n,Number of samples; SeSe, homozygous wild type; Sese428, heterozygous for the mutated FUT2 allele 428G>A;se428se428, homozygous for the mutated FUT2 allele.

  • b P=0.003 (Fisher exact test).