Comparison of Etest and reference method for tigecycline susceptibility testing of the clinical and stock test collections including challenge strains

Test groupNo. organisms testedNo. of EAs (%)aInterpretive category discrepancies (%)b
MinorMajorVery major
Aerobes428425 (99.3)8 (1.9)*00
Nonpneumococcal streptococci369369 (100)000
Anaerobes385378 (98.2)12 (3.1)*00
S. pneumoniae372368 (98.9)000
H. influenzae372367 (98.7)000
Total1,9261907 (99)20 (1.0)*00
  • a Etest result ±1 log2 dilution of the reference method result.

  • b For organisms for which the breakpoints have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration: aerobes = 315 isolates. The EA for isolates marked with an asterisk was 100%.