S. mutans strains used in this study

StrainNo. of isolates by indicated serotypeTotal no. of isolatesYr(s) of isolationNo. from indicated source typeOriginDescription (reference or source)
UA159100011980s10United StatesReference strain (1)
MT8148100011980s10JapanReference strain (25)
MT4000 series101030231982-1990230JapanClinical isolates from children (this study)
NN2000 series8875282002280JapanClinical isolates from 25 children and 3 adults (20)
LJ series161031302006300JapanClinical isolates from 18 children and 6 mother-child pairs (this study)a
TW series011241990-199304JapanClinical isolates from 1 bacteremia patient and 3 IE patientsb (5)
V1/P120002200511JapanClinical isolates from IE patientsb (23)
OR22P100011200510JapanClinical isolate from an aortic aneurysm patient (this study)
SA series5223121990s57FinlandClinical isolates from 5 children and 7 IE patientsb (this study)
  • a Clinical isolates LJ3 and LJ4, LJ11 and LJ12, LJ16 and LJ17, LJ24 and LJ25, LJ26 and LJ27, and LJ30 and LJ31 were from mother-child pairs.

  • b IE, infective endocarditis.