GenoType MTBDRplus test results in comparison with GenoType MTBDR test results for detection of MDR, INH-resistant, and fully susceptible strains in smear-positive sputum specimens

Specimena (n)No. (%) of strainsSequencing data, nucleotide/amino acid change(s)MTBDR assaybMTBDRplus assayb
RMP pattern (rpoB)INH pattern (katG)ResultcRMP pattern (rpoB)INH pattern (katG)INH pattern (inhA)Result
MDR (31)19 (61.3)Not doneΔWT 5, Mut 3ΔWT, Mut T1MDRΔWT 8, Mut 3ΔWT, Mut T1WTMDR
1 (3.2)Not doneΔWT 5, Mut 3ΔWT, Mut T1MDRΔWT 8, Mut 3ΔWT, Mut T1ΔWT 1, Mut C15TMDR
1 (3.2)rpoB S531L, katG WT, inhA WT, ahpC WTΔWT 5, Mut 3WTRMPrΔWT 8, Mut 3WTWTRMPr
1 (3.2)rpoB S531L, katG S315NΔWT 5, Mut 3ΔWTMDRΔWT 8, Mut 3ΔWTWTMDR
1 (3.2)rpoB S531L/WT mix, katG S315T/WT MixWT (5), Mut 3WT, Mut T1MDRWT (8), Mut 3WT, Mut T1WTMDR
3 (9.7)rpoB H526D, katG S315TΔWT 4, Mut 2bΔWT, Mut T1MDRΔWT 7, Mut 2bΔWT, Mut T1WTMDR
3 (9.7)rpoB H526D, katG S315TΔWT 4, Mut 2BΔWT, Mut T1MDRΔWT 7, Mut 2BΔWT, Mut T1ΔWT 1, Mut C15TMDR
1 (3.2)rpoB H526R/WT mix, katG S315N/WT mixWT (4)(WT), Mut T1MDRWT (7)(WT), Mut T1WTMDR
INHr (10)2 (20)Not doneWTΔWT, Mut T1INHrWTΔWT, Mut T1WTINHr
1 (10)Not doneWTΔWT, Mut T1INHrWTΔWT, Mut T1ΔWT 1, Mut C15TINHr
3 (30)katG WT, inhA WT, ahpC WTWTWTSusc.WTWTWTSusc.
1 (10)inhA C15TWTWTSusc.WTWTΔWT 1, Mut C15TINHr
1 (10)rpoB L533P, katG S315TΔWT 5ΔWT, Mut T1MDRΔWT 8ΔWT, Mut T1WTMDR
1 (10)rpoB L533P, katG S315NΔWT 5ΔWTMDRΔWT 8ΔWTWTMDR
1 (10)rpoB WTdWT (4, 5)ΔWT, Mut T1INHrWT (7, 8)ΔWT, Mut T1ΔWT 1, Mut C15TINHr
Susceptible (30)30 (100)Not doneWTWTSusc.WTWTWTSusc.
  • a Resistance was determined by conventional DST.

  • b WT, wild-type pattern with all respective bands visible; Δ, missing bands; weak or very weak bands are listed in parentheses. Mut, mutation.

  • c r, resistant; Susc., susceptible.

  • d This isolate contained a second rpoB sequence derived from a mycobacterial strain not further characterized.