Details of kinetics and treatment for patient with borderline responses to Peg-IFN and RBV therapy

Patient no.SVR or non-SVRAge (yr)Wt (kg)Log HCV RNA level at wk 12aAmplicor detectionbNo. of treatment wksMean weekly dose of Peg-IFN (μg)Mean daily dose of RBV (g)Slope (log LU/wk)Calculated no. of treatment wks using:
Wk 12Wk 24This study's algorithmcDrusano-Preston modeld
Pat 5Non-SVR48613.2PosNeg481801.00.227359
Pat 42Non-SVR59804.2PosPos28e1801.10.247761
Pat 31Non-SVR48712.9PosNeg48831.00.276757
Pat 27Non-SVR49822.6PosNeg481801.20.375652
Pat 32Non-SVR54971.9GZgNeg481801.20.375652
Pat 1Non-SVR35901.1PosPos481801.20.414648
Pat 21Non-SVR58851.8PosPos27e1800.086f0.544246
Pat 13Non-SVR45701.1PosPos32h1800.34h0.624146
Pat 33Non-SVR3677NegNegNeg481390.990.803644
Pat 28SVR47943.8PosNeg481801.20.366356
Pat 22SVR4779NegNegNeg481801.20.464748
Pat 44SVR6075NegNegNeg481801.20.484447
Pat 38SVR57651.2NegNeg481801.00.504849
Pat 2SVR48681.7NegNeg401801.00.524849
Pat 24SVR5691NegPosNeg481261.20.524749
Pat 6SVR5288NegNegNeg481801.00.534246
Pat 30SVR5786NegNegNeg481801.20.624046
Pat 7SVR3078NegNegNeg481801.20.663643
Pat 34SVR5967NegNegNeg481800.970.733141
Pat 9SVR2978NegNegNeg481801.20.753243
Pat 8SVR4778NegNegNeg481801.00.763242
  • a Cobas TaqMan detection limit, 15 IU/ml.

  • b Detection limit, 50 IU/ml. Pos, positive; Neg, negative.

  • c Our model algorithm: treatment weeks = 24 + 2 × [(log HCV RNA day 21 + 0.5)/log decline per week].

  • d Drusano-Preston model algorithm: treatment weeks = 36 + (log HCV RNA day 21 − 0.5)/log decline per week.

  • e These patients discontinued because of insufficient response and because of side effects.

  • f RBV therapy was discontinued after 1 week because of side effects.

  • g GZ, gray-zone reaction.

  • h RBV therapy was discontinued after 10 weeks because of side effects.