Susceptibility of Candida guilliermondii to fluconazole and voriconazole by specimen type

Specimen type/site (total no. of isolates)aAntifungal agentNo. of isolates tested (%)b% of isolates from sitec% of isolates
Blood (8,256)Fluconazole307 (29.8)3.785.09.15.9
Voriconazole198 (31.3)
NSBF (3,155)Fluconazole36 (3.5)
Voriconazole30 (4.7)96.73.3
Urine (9,722)Fluconazole78 (7.6)0.871.812.815.4
Voriconazole51 (8.1)80.43.915.7
Respiratory (20,274)Fluconazole136 (13.2)0.777.210.312.5
Voriconazole72 (11.3)
Skin/soft tissue (4,986)Fluconazole127 (12.3)2.567.724.47.9
Voriconazole103 (16.3)
Genital (15,831)Fluconazole44 (4.3)0.384.16.89.1
Voriconazole20 (3.2)95.05.0
Misc., NOS (13,537)Fluconazole301 (29.3)2.267.416.616.0
Voriconazole159 (25.1)
  • a Total number of Candida isolates from each specimen type.

  • b Percentage of all C. guilliermondii isolates tested.

  • c C. guilliermondii as a percentage of all isolates from that specimen type.