Susceptibility of Candida guilliermondii to fluconazole and voriconazole by clinical service

Clinical service (total no. of isolates)aAntifungal agentNo. of isolates tested (%)b% of isolates from servicec% of isolates
Hematology-oncology (4,635)Fluconazole47 (4.6)
Voriconazole32 (5.1)96.93.1
Medical (17,408)Fluconazole159 (15.4)0.979.913.26.9
Voriconazole124 (19.6)
Surgical (5,126)Fluconazole51 (5.0)0.968.623.57.8
Voriconazole47 (7.4)
Intensive care unit (10,052)Fluconazole67 (6.5)0.779.111.99.0
Voriconazole55 (8.7)
Dermatology (1,457)Fluconazole158 (15.3)10.857.624.118.4
Voriconazole121 (19.1)
Urology (649)Fluconazole14 (1.4)
Voriconazole6 (0.9)83.316.7
Outpatient (6,414)Fluconazole47 (4.6)0.774.510.614.9
Voriconazole25 (3.9)
Other, NOS (30,020)Fluconazole486 (47.2)1.679.211.59.3
Voriconazole223 (35.2)
  • a Total number of Candida isolates from each service.

  • b Percentage of all C. guilliermondii isolates tested.

  • c C. guilliermondii as a percentage of all isolates from that clinical service.