Characteristics of diabetic foot specimens taken prior to antimicrobial therapy

Total no. of specimens454
    No. (%) with aerobes only222 (48.9)
    No. (%) with anaerobes only6 (1.3)
    No. (%) with mixed growth199 (43.8)
    No. (%) with no growth27 (5.9)
    No. of positive cultures427
    No. of patients with positive cultures406
No. (%) of positive cultures with:
    One isolate69 (16.2)
    Two isolates87 (20.4)
    Three isolates84 (19.7)
    Four isolates57 (13.3)
    More than four isolates130 (30.4)
Total no. of aerobes1,145
    No. of different species115
    Range of no. of aerobes per specimen0-8
    Avg no. of aerobes per positive specimen2.7
    No. (%) of positive specimens in pure culture64 (15.2)
Total no. of anaerobes462
    No. of different species74
    Range of no. of anaerobes per specimen0-9
    Avg no. of anaerobes per positive specimen2.3
    No. (%) of positive specimens in pure culture3 (1.5)
Total no. of all isolates1,607