PCR results for 5 DFA/culture-positive, RVP test-negative and 14 DFA/culture-negative, RVP test-positive specimens

Specimen no.Result by testa:
DFA/cultureRVP (MFI reading)Second PCRb
167Flu B+Flu B (42)Flu B+
191Para 2+Para 2 (13)Para 2+
286Para 2+Para 2 (29.5)Para 2
62Para 1+Para 1 (20)Para 1
187RSV+RSV (93)RSV+
108Flu AFlu A+ (298)Flu A+
53Para 2Para 2+ (266)Para 2+
349Para 2Para 2+ (6447)Para 2+
89Para 1Para 1+ (215)Para 1+
443RSVRSV+ (213)RSV
58Flu AFlu A+ (412)Flu A
128MpnMpn+ (7229)Mpn+
441MpnMpn+ (1837)Mpn+
503MpnMpn+ (286)Mpn+
549MpnMpn+ (656)Mpn+
566MpnMpn+ (966)Mpn+
601MpnMpn+ (6032)Mpn+
604MpnMpn+ (3537)Mpn+
119MpnMpn+ (6772)Mpn+
  • a Flu A, influenza A virus; Flu B, influenza B virus; Para 1, parainfluenza virus type 1; Para 2, parainfluenza virus type 2; Mpn, metapneumovirus.

  • b A second confirmatory PCR targeting a unique genomic region was performed to resolve the discordant results, as described in Materials and Methods.