Results of culture, histology, RLB, and ITS sequence analysis of clinical specimens from patients with proven IFI

Patient no.Specimen typeClinical diagnosisaIdentification by culture/histologyMolecular identification by:
RLBITS1 sequencing (% identity with GenBank sequence)ITS2 sequencing (% identity with GenBank sequence)
1BloodCandidemia Candida albicans C. albicans
2BloodCandidemia C. albicans C. albicans
3BloodCandidemia C. albicans C. albicans b C. albicans (99)No result
4CSFIC C. albicans C. albicans
5Tissue (vocal cord)IC C. albicans C. albicans
6BloodCandidemia Candida parapsilosis C. parapsilosis
7Tissue (bladder)IC Candida krusei C. krusei
8Tissue (skin)IC Candida glabrata C. glabrata
9BALCryptococcosis Cryptococcus neoformans C. neoformans complexc
10BALCryptococcosis C. neoformans C. neoformans complex
11Tissue (nasal mucosa)Cryptococcosis C. neoformans C. neoformans complex
12PE tissue (nasal cavity)Cryptococcosis C. neoformans C. neoformans complexb C. neoformans complex (99)No result
13Tissue (lung)Cryptococcosis C. neoformans C. neoformans complex
14PE tissue (skin)Cryptococcosis C. gattii C. neoformans complex
15Tissue (lung)IA Aspergillus fumigatus A. fumigatus
16Tissue (nasal cavity)IA A. fumigatus A. fumigatus
17PE tissue (nasal cavity)IA A. fumigatus A. fumigatus
18Tissue (sinus)IFIFilamentous fungus A. fumigatus
PE tissue (sinus)IFIFilamentous fungus A. fumigatus
19Tissue (nasal mucosa)IA A. fumigatus A. fumigatus + A. flavus d A. fumigatus (100) A. fumigatus (100)
20Tissue (sinus)IA Aspergillus flavus A. flavus
21Tissue (skin)Dematiaceous IFI Exophiala jeanselmei NSe Exophiala spinifera No result
22Tissue (buttock)Zygomycosis Apophysomyces elegans NS A. elegans (100)fNot performed
Tissue (buttock)Zygomycosis A. elegans NS A. elegans (96)No result
23PE tissue (lung)ZygomycosisFilamentous fungusNS Rhizopus microsporus (99)fNot performed
24PE tissue (pericardium)IFIFungal hyphaeNS Trichosporon asahii (100)fNot performed
PE tissue (kidney)IFIFungal hyphaeNS T. asahii (99)fNot performed
  • a Abbreviations: IA, invasive aspergillosis; IC, invasive candidiasis.

  • b Hybridized with the species-specific ITS1 probe only.

  • c The assays did not differentiate between members of the C. neoformans complex; however, if necessary, the known limited diversity in the ITS region would be useful in differentiating between species and varieties of C. neoformans.

  • d Hybridized with both (ITS1 and ITS2) A. fumigatus-specific probes and with both (ITS1 and ITS2) A. flavus-specific probes.

  • e NS, hybridization with fungus-specific probes but not with species-specific probes.

  • f As published by Lau et al. (21).