General characteristics and mutations in the atpC gene coding for the c subunit of F0 F1 ATPase in OptrS. pneumoniae isolates

IsolateSerotype or serogroupLocation of mutationaLocality of isolationResistance to antimicrobial agentsbGenetic relatedness among strains in the studyReference
MJ95591949 (Ala→Thr)SpainNP/NRcNP/NR 7
MJ455648 (Val→Phe)SpainNP/NR
MJ19661450 (Phe→Leu)SpainNP/NR
MJ4133NTd48 (Val→Phe)SpainNP/NR
P212314 (Gly→Ser)FranceNP/NRNAe 6
3109V23 (Met→Ile)United StatesNoneUnrelated 13
6601449 (Ala→Thr)United StatesNone    PFGE profiles
65419F20 (Gly→Ser)United StatesCHL, PEN
Sp 9106A23 (Met→Ile)BrazilCHL, SXTUnrelatedPresent
Sp 91323F49 (Ala→Ser)BrazilNone    PFGE profiles    study
Sp 9176B45 (Phe→Leu)BrazilNone
Sp 100810A45 (Phe→Val)BrazilTET
  • a Codon no. (amino acid found in OptsS. pneumoniae R6 reference strain → deduced amino acid substitution found in the isolate being referred).

  • b CHL, chloramphenicol; PEN, penicillin; SXT, sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim; TET, tetracycline.

  • c NP/NR, not performed or not reported.

  • d NT, nontypable.

  • e NA, not applicable.