Intraspecies hypervariable regions in 35 C. jejuni strains

RegionStart-end in RM1221 (NCTC 11168)Function and/or gene(s)No. of strains possessing region similar to:No. of strains divergent from both
RM1221NCTC 11168
1CJE0031-CJE0035 (Cj0032-Cj0036)bType IIS restriction/modificationNAdNA16
2CJE0051-CJE0055 (Cj0055c-Cj0059c)aUnknown111113
3CJE0170-CJE0175 (Cj0177-Cj0182)bPutative iron transport, biopolymer transport, tonB, exbB1, exbD1NANA14
17CJE0308-CJE0313 (Cj0258-Cj0263)cpyrC, putative zinc transport51911
4CJE0340-CJE0355 (Cj0294-Cj0310c)cPantothenate and biotin biosynthesis pathway31418
Molybdenum ABC transporter
5CJE0470-CJE0472 (Cj0421c-Cj0425)aUnknown10169
6CJE0530-CJE0538 (Cj0480c-Cj0490)bUnknown, uxaANANA24
7CJE0666-CJE0673 (Cj0561c-Cj0571)aUnknown51416
8CJE0728-CJE0732 (Cj0625-Cj0629)aHydrogenase, hypA, hypD, hypE31715
Type III restriction/modification (CJE0731-CJE0732)
9CJE0828-CJE0844 (Cj0727-Cj0755)bPhosphate-regulated genes (Cj0727-Cj0733) (25)NANA11
Iron uptake (Cj0752-Cj0755), tonB3, cfrA
18CJE0944-CJE0947 (Cj0857c-Cj0860)bUnknownNANA22
10CJE1047-CJE1056 (Cj0967-Cj0975)aUnknown41714
11CJE1278-CJE1281 (Cj1135-Cj1145c)aLOS3329
12CJE1485-CJE1532 (Cj1293-Cj1343)aFM, O-linked glycosylation locus1529
13CJE1601-CJE1622 (Cj1414c-Cj1449c)aCAP3329
14CJE1714-CJE1733 (Cj1543c-Cj1563c)aRM, type I restriction/modification and unknown3527
16CJE1888-CJE1896 (Cj1717c-Cj1729c)aleuA, leuB, leuC, and unknown5228
  • a NCTC 11168 and RM1221 are highly divergent.

  • b NCTC 11168 and RM1221 are not distinguished by microarray, only the number of isolates divergent from both are reported.

  • c NCTC 11168 and RM1221 are highly divergent; however, RM1221 genes are absent from the microarray. Isolates with the same presence/absence pattern as RM1221 for these regions were scored as possessing the RM1221 region.

  • d NA, not applicable, since NCTC 11168 and RM1221 are not distinguished by microarray.