Subjects and tissues used for the generation of 16S rRNA libraries

Subject designationaTissue(s)bSubject sexSubject age (yr)Remark(s)No. of PCR cycles
CD2Terminal ileum, right colon, transverse colon, descending colonMale38Mild inflammation in descending colon35
CD3Neoterminal ileum, ascending colon, rectumFemale22Mild inflammation and a few ulcers in ascending colon; had past resection in terminal ileum35
CD5Neoterminal ileum, rectumFemale38Had past resection in terminal ileum; moderate inflammation in ascending colon30
CD6Right colonFemale35Moderate inflammation in ileum30
CD8Neoterminal ileum, right colon, sigmoid colon, rectumFemale46Had past resection in terminal ileum; mild inflammation in neoterminal ileum30
CD9Neoterminal ileum, right colon, sigmoid colon, rectumFemale39Had past resection in terminal ileum; moderate to severe inflammation in neoterminal ileum30
UC2Sigmoid colonFemale28Mild inflammation in sigmoid colon30
UC3Sigmoid colonFemale53Remission34
UC4Sigmoid colonMale71Mild inflammation in sigmoid colon34
UC6Right colon normal, sigmoid colon, rectumMale36Mild inflammation in sigmoid colon and rectum34
UC7Sigmoid colonMale28Mild to moderate inflammation in sigmoid colon34
H2Sigmoid colonFemale46Colonic polyp27
H3Sigmoid colonMale54Colon cancer screening34
H5Colonic polypsMale48Colonic polyps; previous rectal cancer34
H12Right colon, transverse colon, sigmoid colon, rectumFemale49Adenoma; healthy mucosa biopsy samples30
H13Right colon, transverse colon, sigmoid colon, rectumFemale41Healthy; colon cancer screening30
  • a CD designations indicate patients with Chron's disease, UC designations indicate patients with ulcerative colitis, and H designations indicate healthy controls.

  • b A DNA clone library was obtained from each of the tissues according to the procedure detailed in Materials and Methods. Bold type indicates inflamed tissue. Italic type indicates tissue with patchy inflammation, where biopsy samples were taken from both healthy and inflamed sections.