Comparison of dalbavancin MICs for clinical challenge strains: comparison of P-80 in broth dilutions versus inoculum watersa

Organisms (no. of strains)No. of occurrencesb with log2 MIC variations of P-80 in broth vs inoculum of:
S. aureus MSSA (10)-2119--
S. aureus MRSA (10)-2416--
Total S. aureus strains (20)-4535--
S. pyogenes (8)28157-
Beta-hemolytic streptococcus groups B, C, and G (12)2322201
Total Streptococcus spp. (20)41137271
Total clinical strains (40)45672271
  • a Two laboratories tested each strain in duplicate in each condition.

  • b -, No occurrences.