Characteristics of proteins used in this study

ProteinM. bovis Mb no.aM. tuberculosis Rv no.bPresent in BCG% Homology in M. avium subsp. aviumcProtein size (no. of amino acids)Comment
ESAT6Mb3905Rv3875No29946-kDa early secretory antigenic target
CFP10Mb3904Rv3874No24100Exported protein cotranscribed with Rv3875
PE13Mb1227Rv1195Yes5499PE family protein
MPB70Mb2900Rv2875Yes25193Major secreted immunogenic protein MPT70
TB10.4Mb0296Rv0288Yes7996Low-molecular-wt protein antigen 7
PE5Mb0293Rv0285Yes88102PE family protein
TB27.4Mb3908Rv3878No24280Conserved hypothetical alanine-rich protein
  • a The numbering system for Mycobacterium bovis strain AF2122/97 was used (16).

  • b The Mycobacterium tuberculosis numbering system for laboratory strain H37Rv was used (11).

  • c TBLASTN with a blosum 62 scoring matrix. To allow homology searches in regions of low complexity, searches were done without a filter.