Dot blot hybridization screening of 46 NT H. influenzae isolates from the middle ears of patients with otitis media and 23 NT H. influenzae isolates from the throats of healthy children probed with 20 unique sPCR fragments

sPCR probeNo. (%) of isolates from:PRBacterial gene(s) to which probe is known to be homologousBLAST match and potential function
Middle earThroats of healthy children
sJPX13239 (85)10 (43)1.95HI0469aHistidinol dehydrogenase (hisD)
sJPX14030 (65)8 (35)1.87hmwA (an NT H. influenzae gene not found in strain Rd)High-molecular-wt adhesin HMW-A
sJPX12024 (52)8 (35)1.50HI0631Panthothenate kinase
sJPX17038 (83)14 (61)1.36UnknownUnknown
sJPX8446 (100)16 (70)1.44HI1120, HI1121Oligopeptide ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
sJPX16346 (100)16 (70)1.44HI0661Hemoglobin binding protein (hgpB)
sJPX16146 (100)19 (83)1.21HI0113Hemin receptor (hemR)
sJPX17646 (100)19 (83)1.21HI0354, HI0355ABC-type nitrate-sulfonate-bicarbonate transport system, ATPase component
sJPX10146 (100)19 (83)1.21HI1339, HI1340, HI1462, HI1462.1Hypothetical protein (S. avermitilis MA-4680)
sJPX14746 (100)21 (91)1.10HI0416, HI0417Thiamine monophosphate synthase
sJPX12441 (89)19 (83)1.08HI1154Proton glutamate symport protein
sJPX5841 (89)20 (87)1.02HI1730, HI1731Hypothetical protein HI1730
sJPX11526 (57)13 (57)1.00Phage gene in H. influenzae R2866Phage tail sheath protein FI
sJPX5218 (39)13 (57)0.69Hinf801001934 in H. influenzae 86-028NPBacteriophage capsid portal protein
sJPX1549 (20)7 (30)0.64Methylase gene in H. influenzae 86-028NPBacteriophage capsid portal protein
sJPX1265 (11)6 (26)0.42Hinf801001315 in H. influenzae 86-028NPHypothetical protein Hinf801001315
sJPX1181 (2)8 (35)0.06HI0675, HI0676Aminoacyl-histidine dipeptidase (pepD)
sJPX640 (0)5 (22)0UnknownUnknown
sJPX830 (0)7 (30)0rep gene in plasmid pMVSCS1bReplication protein (Mannheimia varigena)
sJPX1720 (0)7 (30)0UnknownUnknown
  • a Genes labeled HI are present in the H. influenzae Rd genome (JPX10), where some sPCR fragments overlap portions of more than one gene.

  • b Plasmid pMVSCS1 was isolated from Mannheimia varigena S131.