MIRU-VNTR stability among 65 groups of clonal M. tuberculosis complex isolates

Locus group and locusNo. of changes in:
Epidemiologically linked and serial patient isolates (n = 110; 52 groups)Single-colony cultures (n = 61; 13 groups)
    VNTR 369011
    MIRU 1010
    MIRU 4010
    VNTR 2163b1ND
    All others00a
  • a Locus VNTR 1955 not done.

  • b Using both automated and manual typing in one laboratory and only manual typing in another laboratory, respectively.

  • c Table 1 shows alias designations of loci.

  • d Uninterpretable long amplicons were obtained for locus 1895 of nine serial isolate and single-colony culture groups.

  • e In addition, locus QUB-18 could not be amplified from one isolate.

  • f ND, not determined.