CIC-HCV RT-PCR analysis of samples with extreme HCV viral loads

Sample (viremia level [IU/ml])aCICbCIC-HCV RT-PCR assay result (sample OD value/cutoff value)c
HCV (KY88)rQβ (VQB02)
A (0)+N (0.153/0.288)P (2.739/0.260)
B (≥850,000)P (2.143/0.288)N (0.086/0.260)
C (600)P (2.234/0.288)N (0.125/0.260)
B (≥850,000)+P (2.160/0.288)P (2.775/0.260)
C (600)+P (0.793/0.288)P (2.681/0.260)
  • a Viral loads determined by Amplicor HCV Monitor 2.0 (Roche) (dynamic range, 600 to 850,000 IU/ml).

  • b +, CIC (10−6 dilution of the rQβ stock solution) was added; −, CIC was not added.

  • c Results of the CIC-HCV RT-PCR assay are expressed as positive (P) or negative (N).