Genetic diversities of SCCmec types classified by multiplex and single PCR

SCCmec multiplex type1Amplified locus or lociaMLST sequence type(s) (n)Proposed SCCmec typebmec classcccr typecJ regiondNo. of isolates (%)
IIB, C, D, GST5II.1.1A29 (6.5)
II variantB, C, DST5 (25), ST5SLV (1)II.1.2A2Does not carry pUB11026 (18.9)
II NT1C, D, GST89 (4), ST5 (1)NDeA2Does not carry kdp operon5 (3.6)
II NT2C, DST5NDA2Does not carry kdp and pUB1105 (3.6)
IIIC, E, F, HST239III.1A313 (9.4)
IIIAC, E, FST239III.1.2A3Does not carry pT18112 (8.7)
III NT1C, HST239NDA3Does not carry RIF2 (1.5)
IVDST8 (1), ST1 (2)IV.1B2IVA (1), IVC (2)3 (2.2)
IV NT1D, FST254NDB2Carries RIF51 (0.7)
IVAD, GST72IV.N.2(B)f(2)gIVC, carries pUB11032 (23.2)
ST1 (19),h ST493 (1),h ST573 (1)hNDB2IVC, carries pUB11021 (15.2)
ST89ND(A)i2ND3 (2.2)
NTNone amplifiedST188, ST72, ST1, ST89, ST30, ST239NDNDNDND6 (4.3)
  • a Multiplex PCR results described by Oliveira and de Lencastre (26).

  • b Proposed SCCmec type described by Chongtrakool et al. (5).

  • c Single PCR results described by Okuma et al. (23).

  • d Subtyping of J region was performed as described by Hisata et al. (12); other characteristics were determined from multiplex PCR results.

  • e ND, not determined.

  • f The increased size of class B mec was due to the presence of IS1272-tnp20mecR1-mecA-IS431 (GenBank no. EF596937).

  • g ccrA2 (GenBank no. EF584543) shared 96% homology with other ccrA2 genes.

  • h Belongs to CC1 (ST1, 1-1-1-1-1-1-1; ST493, 62-1-1-1-1-1-1; ST573, 1-1-1-1-12-1-1).

  • i Class A mec complex variant, ΔmecI-mecR1-mecA.