Reported prevalence rates of MRSA nasal colonization for healthy Taiwanese children between 2001 and 2006

PeriodArea of TaiwanSubjectsAge of subjectsNo. of subjectsNo. (%) with MRSAbReference
2001SouthernSchoolchildren2 yr to ∼18 yr98733 (3.3)Lu et al. (23)
2001-2002NorthernSchoolchildren3 yr to ∼12 yr2625 (1.9)Huang et al. (17)
2003NorthernSchoolchildren, health care visits<12 yr64048 (7.5)aBoyle-Vavra et al. (1)
2005-2006NorthernChildren for health care visits2 mo to ∼5 yr1,279121 (9.5)This study
CentralChildren for health care visits2 mo to ∼5 yr1,01149 (4.8)This study
SouthernChildren for health care visits2 mo to ∼5 yr75651 (6.7)This study
  • a If restricted to those without risk factors, no. of colonized subjects would be 34 (5.3%).

  • b The prevalence increased significantly in the northern (P < 0.0001 by chi-square test) and southern (P < 0.001) regions of Taiwan during the period of 2001 to 2006.