Clinical characteristics and results of IS900 PCR testing for Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in participants

Group and sexaAge (yr)History (yr)IBS typebDisease locationDisease activityDrug(s)IS900 PCR resultcReason for endoscopy
    F532CPrednisoneA1, A2, D2
    F475CPrednisoneT1, T2, A1, A2, D1,d D2
    F699CNoneT2, A1, A2
    M581DNoneA1, A2, D1, D2
    F382MNoneT1, D1, D2
    F485CNoneT1, T2, A2, D1, D2
    F3615DNoneA1, A2
    F647CNoneT1, T2, A1, D1
    F63NEGTumor markers
    M77NEGAbdominal pain
    M60A1, A2,d D1, D2Follow-up
    F45NEGAbdominal pain
    F46NEGAbdominal pain
    M51T1, T2Screening
    M59NEGTumor markers
Crohn's disease
    M143ColonActiveMesalazineT1, T2, A2e
    F541Ileum/colonActiveNoneA1, D2e
    F270.5Ileum/colonActiveNoneT1, T2e
    M3110IleumActiveOlsalazineT1, A1e
    F6115IleumInactiveMesalazineT1,d D2
    F510.08Ileum/colonActiveNoneT1, T2e
    M350.5IleuminactiveNoneT2, A2
    M142ColonActiveMesalazine, rifampin, clarithromycinNEGe
    F186IleumActiveAzathioprine, mesalazineA1, D1e
    F280.25IleumActiveMesalazineT1, A1e
    F5110Duodenum/ileum/colonActivePrednisoneD1, D2e
    F272IleumActiveMesalazineT2, A2, D2e
    M466IleumActiveMesalazine, rifampin, clarithromycinNEG
    F358ColonActiveMesalazine, prednisoneA2, D2e
    F4020IleumActiveMesalazineA1, A2
    M265Duodenum/ileumActiveMesalazine, budesonideT1, T2, A1, A2, D1, D2e
  • a M, male; F, female.

  • b D, diarrhea; C, constipation; M, mixed type.

  • c T, terminal ileum; A, ascending colon; D, descending colon; NEG, negative.

  • d A C-to-T transition was identified at position 247 in this biopsy specimen.

  • e Granuloma positive.