Results of the PLx-RVP assay, version 1, and signal-to-noise analysis for all extracted nucleic acids from clinical samples

TargetMFI (SD)a for:S/N ratiobNo. of positive test results
Negative samplesPositive samplesMeanMinimum
HRV169 (106)5,990 (2,780)54.98.421
Influenza virus A168 (117)5,680 (1,190)47.17.9301
Influenza virus B196 (132)3,450 (1,420)24.77.174
PIV1175 (119)4,920 (1,320)39.923.09
PIV3207 (123)11,000 (N/A)87.787.71
RSV A182 (120)5,900 (2,590)47.76.813
RSV B175 (112)2,230 (154)18.317.34
HMPV181 (132)5,150 (3,100)37.68.75
Ad B173 (107)1,990 (1,380)17.07.88
Ad C180 (119)4,710 (3,270)38.17.69
Ad E175 (124)2,340 (N/A)17.517.51
CoV NL63185 (119)2,350 (679)18.26.49
  • a On a per-test basis.

  • b S/N, signal to noise. Mean, ratio of the average signal generated from all samples positive for a specific target to the average noise generated from all samples negative for the same target; minimum, ratio of the lowest signal generated from a sample positive for a specific target to the highest noise generated from a sample negative for the same target.