Characteristics of 57 VRE isolates from 48 patientse

Strain identifierAge (yr)/sexaService/floorbSpecimen typecDate of isolation (mo/day/yr)No. of days to isolationNo. of previous admissionsMating frequency (no. of transconjugant/donor)Tn1546 typed
D431/Fped/nicuU04/27/983301.29 × 10−6Ia
D452/Mgs/gswW05/03/98703.50 × 10−7Ib
D364/Mca/micuC06/15/984022.00 × 10−5Ic
D4967/Mns/ncuW08/28/986031.11 × 10−8Id
D675/Fns/nswU01/07/9938701.67 × 10−7Ic
D767/Fns/ncuC01/17/9916703.00 × 10−7Ic
D5222/Fns/nswW04/02/992207.14 × 10−8Ic
D860/Fpul/mwU07/01/997001.50 × 10−6Ib
D962/Fhema/mwR08/17/993601.13 × 10−6Ic
D5354/Mreh/nwU08/26/995303.00 × 10−8Ib
D1031/Fhema/mwU11/15/9919011.48 × 10−5Ib
D5571/Fpul/micuB12/02/9933438.75 × 10−8Ic
D1110/Mped/sicuP02/08/001002.67 × 10−7Ic
D5721/Mpul/nswB03/04/002618.33 × 10−8Ie
D5834/Fgs/mwR04/03/004502.00 × 10−7Ic
D1354/Mhema/gswP05/13/003622.44 × 10−5Ic
D1475/Mcs/cswB06/19/002103.75 × 10−5IIa
D5934/Mns/nswU08/03/00602.86 × 10−5Id
D1573/Fpul/mwB08/19/006602.50 × 10−7IIa
D6069/Fpul/micuB11/06/0018101.00 × 10−5IIa
D1665/Fpul/micuR01/02/017614.62 × 10−5IIa
D6187/Fca/ccuU01/30/0139331.27 × 10−7IIb
D1755/Fhema/micuB02/07/012209.00 × 10−4IIa
D6249/Fhema/mwW02/09/014605.56 × 10−6IIa
D6361/Fge/mwU04/26/019006.25 × 10−6IIa
D1976/Mneph/micuR07/09/013508.89 × 10−5IIb
D2076/Mneph/micuU07/18/014404.29 × 10−7IIb
D2176/Mneph/micuR08/13/017003.00 × 10−8IIb
D2276/Mneph/micuU08/17/017402.00 × 10−7IIb
D2376/Mneph/micuR08/20/017707.14 × 10−7IIb
D2457/Mpul/micuBo09/07/014372.14 × 10−8IIb
D6672/Mge/erW09/24/012901.00 × 10−4IIb
D2576/Mneur/nwS09/25/012403.57 × 10−8IIb
D6759/Mhema/micuS10/20/011322.00 × 10−6IIb
D6829/Mos/oswR11/05/0112701.54 × 10−7IIb
D7048/Mns/ncuW12/17/017007.69 × 10−8IIb
D6938/Mca/mwC12/19/011306.36 × 10−5IIa
D2632/Mgs/sicuPe12/20/014101.33 × 10−8IIb
D2732/Mgs/sicuU12/27/014802.50 × 10−8IIb
D7171/Fneph/mwR03/02/0212011.75 × 10−7IIb
D2848/Mns/ncuR03/02/0214504.00 × 10−5IIb
D2948/Mns/ncuR03/11/0215403.80 × 10−5IIb
D7270/Mpul/erC05/16/024801.38 × 10−6IIb
D3018/Mpul/micuR06/05/0227804.71 × 10−7IIb
D7341/Mhema/mwU08/18/022755.00 × 10−7IIb
D3169/Fpul/erU10/11/0211238.18 × 10−6IIc
D3258/Mpul/mwW10/17/028512.00 × 10−7IIb
D3358/Mpul/mwR10/23/029115.40 × 10−6IIb
D3473/Fneur/erU01/31/034411.64 × 10−6IIb
D3760/Mpul/mwU10/23/037101.54 × 10−7IId
D3541/Mca/ccuC10/26/034302.22 × 10−5IIe
D3662/Fps/pswC10/31/034101.30 × 10−7IIf
D381/Mped/pedswR01/11/048107.27 × 10−5IIg
D3931/Mreh/nwW02/09/042801.43 × 10−8IIe
D4055/Mgs/sicuPe02/15/04532.50 × 10−7IIh
  • a F, female; M, male.

  • b ped, pediatrics; gs, general surgery; ca, cardiology; ns, neurosurgery; pul, pulmonology; hema, hematology; reh, rehabilitation; cs, chest surgery; ge, gastroenterology; neph, nephrology; neur, neurology; os, orthopedic surgery; ps, plastic surgery; nicu, neonatal intensive care unit; gsw, general surgery ward; micu, medical intensive care unit; ncu, neurosurgical intensive care unit; nsw, neurosurgery ward; mw, medical ward; nw, neurology ward; sicu, surgical intensive care unit; csw, chest surgery ward; ccu, coronary care unit; er, emergency room; osw, orthopedic surgery ward; psw, plastic surgery ward; pedsw, pediatric surgery ward.

  • c U, urine; W, wound; C, catheter; R, rectal swap; B, blood; P, pleural fluid; BO, bone; S, sputum; Pe, peritoneal fluid.

  • d The 57 isolates were typed according to the distributions and positions of the IS elements and were named by their order of occurrence.

  • e Among 48 patients, two genetically unrelated VRE isolates were obtained from the same individual (a 32-year-old man on the general surgery service of the surgical intensive care unit and a 58-year-old man on the pulmonary service of the medical ward), three genetically unrelated VRE isolates were obtained from same individual (a 48-year-old man on the neurosurgery service of the neurosurgical intensive care unit), and six genetically unrelated VRE isolates were obtained from the same individual (a 76-year-old man under the care of the nephrology service section of the medical intensive care unit).